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What Age are you Writing For?

When publishing a novel, it’s important to know what audience your book is suited for. Some publishers will only accept certain age ranges. Some audiences prefer print books or ebooks or audiobooks. Some marketing platforms only reach certain demographics. And without an age range on a children’s book, it can be hard for parents to know if the book is right for their child.

In order to determine what age range you have written for, you need to start by knowing the basic age ranges that are used by the industry. Your book's particular audience might be a more limited demographic than these broad categories, but the official age classification will be one of a few specific options.

Click on the links below to learn the common features and guidelines for each age range:

Using Your Age Range

These are all of the major age ranges used in the publishing industry. By familiarizing yourself with them, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Make sure that your themes, character ages, and word counts all match the guidelines of your book's age range during your outlining or early drafts and you'll be assured of creating a marketable final product. For those interested in traditional publishing, submit to agents and publishers based on their audiences. For self-publishers, you can narrow your marketing to that age range (or the buyers of that age range) in order to get the most out of your time and money. And when summarizing your book for queries or customers, make sure to highlight the features that will appeal to your intended audience. Doing these things will make sure the right readers find your story, buy it, and leave rave reviews.

Happy publishing!

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