Developmental Critique

Types of Editing

I provide developmental and substantive editing to help you get your manuscript ready to submit to an agent, a publishing house, or for you to self-publish.

Ready to start editing your manuscript? 

A developmental critique involves more reading than actually making changes to the text. Once I've read your manuscript, I will let you know about any larger picture issues, such as flaws in the plot, foreshadowing, pacing, character development, and character relationships. 

This type of editing is for early drafts of a story and won't fix things like grammar and punctuation.

Price:  $5 per 1,000 words

          ($50 minimum for all projects)

Substantive Editing

This type of editing involves in-text changes. As I read your manuscript I will leave comments on specific paragraphs and sentences suggestion changes that will help with clarify and flow, as well as tone, emotional impact, and reader engagement.  This is the type of editing that will catch things like head-hopping, telling vs showing, and on-the-nose dialogue. 

I will almost always recommend an author hire me for a developmental critique before they consider substantive edits. This type of editing is meant to come after the plot is nailed down. 

Price: $8 per 1,000 words

          ($50 minimum for all projects)