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I have had a love of stories all my life. There's something magical about a tale of hope and triumph that drew me to fairy tales and fantasy novels from a young age. Even in the first grade, I was staying up until dawn to finish a good book. 

As I got older I started studying what makes a good story, what gives a book or movie that spark that makes readers burn the midnight oil and count the days until the next book comes out.

When I first started working at a publishing house, like all new editors do, I spent time reading through the potential acquisitions. The worst part was finding a story that had the potential to be an amazing book and having to turn it away because it wasn't quite ready to be published. In between the manuscripts that I got to edit for publication, I also had to send my fair number of rejection letters, hoping that the authors who received them would take my criticism and someday find the right place for their book. 

Now I get to help authors whose stories haven't been given that official stamp of approval (yet). Together we can polish any manuscript to prepare it for the big scary world of publishing so the rest of the world can enjoy your story as much as you do.

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