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Writing Resources

If you don’t see the topic you’re looking for on my blog yet, I have made a list of some of my favorite writing advice. You can find more writing resources and advice on my Pinterest here.


Need helping creating 3D characters? Or perhaps you worry that your main character is unlikable. Here are some resources that can help you design your characters.


Antagonists are technically characters too, but they have a separate set of rules. Here are some of the best advice I’ve seen on writing strong antagonists and villains.


Lots of fantasy and science fiction novels need a constructed language for their elves or aliens.


Point Of View

I have a post about some of the basics of POV, but here are some other places to look if you need more help.

Finding the Right Words

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right words, especially when you're trying to show emotions and sensory details to your readers. Here are some books that may be helpful to you.

Plot Structure

While not everyone needs an outline to write their book, understanding popular plot structures can help you outline your book or push through a writing block when you get stuck. Here are some popular plot structure theories that you can add to your toolbox

Track Changes in Microsoft Word

Most editors will use this method to edit your manuscript. The days of red pens and paper manuscripts are gone. Everything is done electronically now.


Sometimes you have your book all ready to go and you just need to master the complicated world of publishing so it can become a real book.


Whether your are self-publishing or submitting to traditional publishers, a lot of marketing is on the shoulders of authors nowadays. Here are some resources to learn more from people who know a lot more about it than I do:

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Adverbs get a bad rap in writing circles. Unfortunately, this is one of those writing "rules" that doesn't provide enough detail

Deep Point of View

Deep POV is meant to be as close to the POV character as possible. You combine the narrator's voice and the POV character's voice into one.


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